Scratch Squad

The LA Makerspace Scratch Squad (LAMSS) are a group of experienced young Scratchers who teach Scratch to kids all around Los Angeles. Scratch is a great way for young people to explore computers and coding. Many kids never get a chance to learn coding. LAMSS is here to help! If your group is interested in learning Scratch, let our team help get you started. LAMSS members can provide a single class or provide more in depth experience in up to four sessions.


Top 10 reasons to join Scratch Squad

10. Scratch is fun and easy to teach

9. No commitment – teach the classes that fit your schedule

8. Get to hang with other Scratchers

7. Join with your friends teach classes together – or make new friends

6. Teaching Scratch is a great way to help other kids – and fulfill service requirements

5. Learn to teach – we will tell you everything to do in our Scratch Squad teacher training

4. Supported by Google – we get occasional trips to Google offices

3. We have Makey Makeys

2. Looks great on your college applications

1. T-Shirts!


csfirstScratch Squad wins a Google RISE award and partners with CS First

LA Makerspace was chosen for a 2015 RISE award for promoting computer science learning. Partnering with Google has helped us team with CS First – a Google initiative to help kids learn coding.